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Blossom Punch Party Favours
These chocolate treat holders were made for my guests, who came to our Tauranga extravaganza on the weekend.
They are made to hold the new wrapped Arnott's TimTam Chocolicious bites that are available in Australia and NZ.
To make this little treat holder take a strip of card measuring 4.5cm x 16cm and score it at 2cm, 7cm, 9cm and 14cm. Fold along all the score lines.
Then insert one end in the blossom punch from the top of the punch (not from the side as you would normally do). You need to wriggle it quite a bit to get it in the right spot. Line up the score line exactly with the points on the sides of two adjoining petals. It is not lined up exactly in the photo as the points on the left and right hand side should be touching the score line. Punch out the 2 petals and then repeat with the other end.
At one end, cut along the score line, the length of one petal. Repeat on the other end except this time, cut from the opposite side.
You can bring the two ends together to make a holder for your chocolate and the petals will interlock and hold everything in place. No glueing needed! (Decorate the front as you wish).
Another little treat for my guests was a magnetic bookmark made using My Digital Studio (MDS). You can try MDS for free for 30 days by visiting the Stampin' Up website and searching My Digital Studio. A lot of the old favourite stamps and papers are still available as digital images and creating projects on your computer is quick and fun alternative to working with actual ink and cardstock.

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