Wet Wipe Ink Pad

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I'm back!
Two months ago my daughter arrived home from 3 years overseas. She is getting married on the 8th of March to a guy from Norhtern Ireland. I have been making the most of my time at home with her and helping to plan her wedding. It's been great but the downside is that I have let my blogging slide by...

So today I have some cards for you that I made for a class last year. It revisits an old technique of using a wet wipe folded into a square, with different coloured inks dropped onto it. The whole area that you will be pressing your stamp into needs to be covered with ink. Just make sure that the drops of different colours are not overlapping, you don't want to mix your colours. Then just press your stamp into the wet wipe as you would a normal stamp pad.

And viola...


This multicoloured stamped image was taught at our Christmas team training by Bev Poultney.

And finally, some variations of the card that I taught in class...

From Rhonda

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