Flexi fold fruit card instructions

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Cut A4 Lost Lagoon card in half and then cut one piece in half again so that you have two quarters, each measuring 15cm x 10.5cm and one bigger piece. (You will not need the bigger piece).

Cut one of the quarters with card in portrait position to 6.5cm

You will now have two smaller pieces to make your flexi folds - (One measures 15cm x 6.5cm and one measures 15cm x 4cm) and one base card piece.

Score both flexi folds at one end. Scoring at 1.3cm (with card in landscape position), to form tabs.
At opposite ends measure a pencil line 0.7cm in and cut out a notch. See diagram – the size and location of notch does not matter.

Cut a mat out of Pool Party card to 14.3cm x 9.8cm Stamp with hardwood stamp (and soft suede ink) making sure that wood lines are vertical when card is in landscape position. You will not cover all the card with the stamp this way but you can stamp a second image lined up alongside the first. Mat onto base card.

Stamp the smallest flexi fold with the same stamp and ink; And in the same direction.

Emboss the largest flexi fold with your choice of embossing folder.

Put tape on the inside of the tabs. Opposite to where you have stamped or where the right side of the embossing is.

Tape to the back of the base card. Lining up the bottom edges. The larger flexi fold goes on the left and the smaller one goes on the right.

Make a slit for the notch of  the larger flexi fold by measuring in 4cm from the right hand side of the base card. Fold large flexi piece over and make a pencil mark (at the 4cm line) the length and position of the notch. Cut with a craft knife. You will be cutting through both base card and mat.

Make a slit for the notch of the smaller flexi fold by measuring in 5cm from the left hand side of the card with large flexi fold lying flat against the base card. Fold small flexi piece over and make a pencil mark (at the 5cm line) the length and position of the notch. Cut with a craft knife. You will just be cutting a line in the large flexi piece so unfold it before you cut it.

Decorate with punched fruit pieces and sentiment from the Kinda Eclectic stamp set





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